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The Solution to a Thriving Local Economy!

How it Works:

It’s quite simple!  Think of the PSEC Program as a reward or loyalty card, that doesn’t give points or coffees, but that gives property tax credits or a rebate check. The program is straightforward. Merchants agree to give a credit reward that has a cash value, to be applied to a Cardholder’s property tax bill or to be applied to a Rebate check for purchases.

  • Become a Distribution Location and/or Participating Merchant!

  • Give a Discount of Your Choice when Patrons use the Reward Card!

  • Offer a Great Incentive for Consumers to Shop at Your Business!

  • Achieve More Sales and Attract More Customers with PSEC!

Targeted Businesses:

IMSP, Inc. will recruit and work with a variety of retail chains, restaurants, movie theaters, convenience stores, home improvement centers, pet stores, and pharmacies citywide.

We will also target and recruit Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, and other Professionals to participate in the PSE program, in which the program is completely discretionary, they may sign up with the program and will give a discount of their choice when patrons use the reward card.

There will be an effort to recruit local colleges/universities to take advantage of the program, by signing up and contributing a significant chunk of change toward a family’s property tax bill when they pay their children’s tuition bill. They would also serve as a distribution point for the program.

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