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Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

PFCU is a Proud Sponsor of The Philly Shop & Earn Card!

Philadelphia Federal Credit UnionWe’ve got a pretty clear-cut philosophy. We’re not here for our profit… We’re here for yours.

Philadelphia Federal Credit Union is a full service financial institution offering personal and small business banking services at competitive rates. We believe in helping people… Pure and simple! 

Whether it’s opening a checking account, finding an auto loan or funding your next big venture, PFCU has the right banking products and the best rates.

  • Personal Banking & Loans –  take advantage of all the benefits that PFCU has to offer.
  • Business Banking & Loans –  choose from a variety of business banking options.
  • Insurance – protect the things that really matter, affordable property, auto, personal & business insurance.
  • Financial Education – We’ve got all kinds of classes and financial resources to help make your money work for you!
  • Membership – open to anyone who lives, works, studies or worships in Philadelphia and Columbia Counties.

Here’s the deal: We don’t believe in hidden fees or complicated prices. We’ll leave that to the big banks out there. We believe in being up front and honest with our members – so here’s a list of the fees associated with our most commonly used services.

Local Phone: 215-934-3500
Toll Free: 800-832-PFCU

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