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The Ultimate Property Tax Rewards Program!

The PSEC (a swipe card) will be made available at distribution locations throughout the Philadelphia area and by registering online. The PSEC is FREE for all residents and any non-residents interested in participating in the program and the PSEC does not expire.

After registering their card, cardholders can start shopping at local participating merchants.  With the card in hand, users will have access to the discounts available at participating merchants and will also receive either a credit toward their real estate taxes or a rebate credit. These credits and rebates will be applied/received annually. When the program is expanded, successful methods will be replicated across the city.

The cards will be available at various distribution locations including; participating businesses, City facilities, Elected Officials offices, Ward leaders, Block Captains, and events/activities around the City. Also, at participating Corporations, Colleges/Universities, Local Unions, Organizations and Associations.

Sponsoring partners will also have the PSEC to distribute to its employees and customers. If a person wants additional cards for their family, they can be obtained at a distribution site.

This will be a true ‘win-win’ solution for the residents, local businesses, and the City.  A complete list of local participating merchants and businesses will be available here on our website soon!

  • City Own Facilities
  • Community Organizations
  • Local Libraries
  • Local Churches
  • Police Stations & Fire Stations