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Philly Shop and Earn Card!

The Solution for a Thriving Local Economy in Philadelphia!

It’s quit simple! Think of the PSEC Program as a reward or loyalty card, that doesn’t give points or coffees, but that gives property tax credits or a rebate check. The program is straightforward. Merchants agree to give a credit reward that has a cash value, to be applied to a Cardholder’s property tax bill or to be applied to a Rebate check for purchases.

About Us!

Our Primary Purpose is the Development and Marketing of the “Philly Shop and Earn Card” and Making It a Huge Success in Philadelphia, PA!

The Innovative Municipal Solutions Partnership, Inc., is a for-profit Marketing Solutions Company focused on bringing programs to the City that can further Economic Development for local Businesses, Residents and the City.

IMSP, Inc. was formed in 2016, to take advantage of economic development opportunities in local and state government – in terms of generating much needed revenue with proven and creative programs – that provides alternatives to raising taxes on the residents.

IMSP, Inc. has partnered with New Jersey based Fincredit, Inc. to market a Property Tax Credit Reward Program (PTCR) in the City of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia program is called “The Philly Shop and Earn Card program. And, IMSP, Inc. primary purpose is the development and marketing of the “Philly Shop and Earn Card.”

Our Team!

The Innovative Municipal Solutions Partnership, Inc. / The Philly Shop and Earn program team consist of many established professionals:

Douglas Baker, CEO/President:  is a seasoned political and commercial development professional with a passion for the growth of the Philadelphia landscape in the areas of both physical and people resources.

As a long time resident of the West Philadelphia community, Mr. Baker has served 38 years in Politics and Government – working in various aspects of City and State government.

Jim Baker, Serial Entrepreneur/ Management Consultant:  Jim has a proven track record of successfully launching and growing businesses. He is the principal of Baker & Company, Inc., which provides General Management Consulting Services, enabling their clients to capitalize on opportunities or solve problems that are often challenging and complex.

Alicia Hill Wilson, COO:  a proven leader in all aspects of business process enhancement, training and development, project management, financial management and community affairs. Ms. Wilson is a professional with developing and implementing innovative programs; community organizing, working with constituent groups, and building highly motivated teams.

Thera Martin Connelly, Marketing / Public Relations:  Thera is our seasoned public relations/communications specialist with a long list of media contacts and media connections in the city of Philadelphia. She is a well-known radio and cable television talk show host in the city.  She will be responsible for booking the lead people behind the PSEC Program on local TV, cable TV, Radio, Print Media and social media outlets.

Thera will handle drafting press releases and media advisories for the program and getting those documents out to the media. She will be responsible for setting up information sessions with local media, to introduce them to the program, our businesses and sponsors.

Support Team:  We anticipate the hiring of Military Veterans that have the drive and aptitude for successful sales careers, which is especially needed to recruit businesses for the program. We will also be hiring an Administrative Assistant, office support and experienced Consultants for needed specialized services.

Edward Amicone, CFO:  is an Accounting & Tax professional with over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing innovative accounting programs including; identifying opportunities for growth and achieving results, and building and retaining highly motivated teams with his strong leadership skills and motivational management style.

Lopez Thompson, Legal Counsel:  Mr. Thompson is an accomplished and qualified attorney, who has been practicing for over 24 years. As a community business leader, Mr. Thompson served on the boards of the Rafters Charities Incorporated, the West Philadelphia NAACP, the West Philadelphia Housing Association, and the Associated Real Estate Brokers of Philadelphia.

Rachelle Gaymon, Marketing Services/Website Designer/Social Media Coordinator:  As the Principle of “As One Marketing”, Rachelle has 20 years of successful experience promoting a large variety of businesses in the Philadelphia market utilizing her specialties and expert team. Rachelle will co-lead our primary marketing communication systems that will be customized for our sponsors and network of local merchants.

As One Marketing, multi-media solutions, will work to achieve long-term success and is designed to achieve the goal of promoting an effective customer loyalty program which compels residents and others to shop locally.